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About us

About Apiwan R

Apiwan R is currently the authorized distributor for The Yoga Sak in Australia. She is an advertiser turned yoga teacher. She was trained in Singapore and is currently living in Sydney, Australia. She teaches at various major fitness centres in Sydney & its western suburbs, corporate classes to companies of various sizes as well as personal training.

Besides being passionate with learning and teaching yoga, she is also constantly on the lookout for high quality yoga-related products to share with the yoga community.  Her search for the best yoga bag on the market led her to The Yoga Sak. 

About The Yoga Sak

The YOGA SAK has received acclaimed reviews to be the best yoga bag on the market. With over 28 million people in the United States and millions worldwide that practice yoga, it was natural for us to create a bag that does it all.  The YOGA SAK is perfect to consolidate and simplify your daily workout supplies and your most important yoga tool... Your mat!

The YOGA SAKS unique feature is the backpack style bag. Whether one's walking around town, biking, hiking or just on the go, you can take your YOGA SAK everywhere. The SAK has adjustable straps that will fit all body sizes and shapes and has many pockets for your keys, wallet, change, etc. The SAK even comes with a built-in water bottle holder and a compartment in the rear to carry your yoga block, towel, shoes, iPod, etc. The YOGA SAK is stylish, functional, durable and is well priced.

The YOGA SAK will certainly complement your active lifestyle and you will find our product will not only meet but surpass your expectations.