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Traveling with The Orignal Yoga Sak


It feels great for whatever reason to be able to practice on your yoga mat. It feels good because:

1. it belongs to you

2. you know its clean (only your sweats)

3. unknowingly the mat is your comfort zone when you are in some deep stretches

4. Your yoga mat is personalised to you and being able to bring it everywhere, it can allows you to enjoy some good practice.

The Original Yoga Sak allows you to bring your mat with you even when you are traveling (on a plane).Yoga Sak itself acts as a carry on for your travel. 

Getting a good stretch while you are traveling makes you a happier person!


Image: The Original Yoga Sak in Navy Blue at A$97.95

Apiwan R is the authorised distributor of The Original Yoga Sak in Australia. We provide free standard shipping within Australia

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