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Yoga Sak Updates — Free Shipping Australia

3 years old Yoga Sak


The weather has been crazy lately in Australia.

So glad to have my Yoga Sak to carry all my yoga stuffs and most importantly the thermal. Sometime, Yoga Sak amazes me - how much stuffs it can hold and how heavy it gets! I have been using this Yoga Sak for more than 3 years now and there is still no tear! Cannot forget the great back support that the Yoga Sak was build with. Still loving my Yoga Sak

A Yoga Mat Bag for Your back

The perfect Yoga Mat Bag for all location. Carrying the Yoga Sak around can get quite heavy due to all the items in the Yoga Sak that I usually need for my class. I love the great back support that Yoga Sak provide. We don't want a bad back!

Yoga Sak Everywhere - Mosman, NSW, Australia

Sydney was hit by 3 days heatwaves over the weekend! The heat was unimaginable for a month of March. I was glad to be in the city rather than inner west where its at least 3 degrees hotter.
I had a great weekend at Leslie Kaminoff's workshop: Yoga Anatomy. It was a full 2-day workshop from 9:30am to 5:00pm. We were allow to bring bolster, blankets and yoga mat (anything that will make us comfortable to be seated on the floor). We can pack lunch too!
Lucky for me! I was...

Yoga Sak in The City (Sydney, Australia)

Yoga Sak in The City (Sydney, Australia)
As a Yoga Instructor, I am blessed to be teaching yoga in many different places. I get to see many things in my journey. Some of my clients are corporates and they are located in the heart of the city. This view, is from a Female toilet. The background colour and the colour of my Yoga Sak is such a contrast. 

$10 OFF Yoga Sak

$10 OFF Yoga Sak

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