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Returning to the ‘new normal’ with Yoga Sak Australia

It has been 3 weeks since gyms & yoga studios in Australia opened their doors. I was so excited to be heading back to teaching yoga and to practice yoga in a studio. 

Let #yogasak_au assist you getting back to the ‘new normal’. 

Many studios and gyms no longer provide yoga props such as mat, blocks and straps. Our yoga sak can easily fit your personal yoga mat, straps & 2 yoga blocks.

The Original Yoga Sak featured in above images can be found on our website (colours: Steel Gray, Jet Black, Glacier Blue & Cool Camo) at A$98.95 with free standard shipping within Australia.
The Original Yoga Sak is an exercise mat carrier backpack that has a great support for your back and great paddings for your shoulders! You can carry your workout essentials without putting additional strains on your body! The Original Yoga Sak even comes with a built-in water bottle holder and a compartment in the rear to carry your yoga block, towel, shoes, ipod,  etc. The YOGA SAK is stylish, functional, durable and is well priced.
The Original Yoga Sak is now available in Australia with Free Standard Shipping. 
Order your Yoga Sak now at


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