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More Than Just a Mat Carrier - The Original Yoga Sak

We are now trying to reduce the use of plastic. In many countries, single used plastic bags has been banned from supermarkets. I came across the post below on Instagram and I thought it was worth sharing. Such a creative and useful idea to use The Original Yoga Sak to also carry your groceries!
Make the world greener with The Original Yoga Sak
Photo: Source from Instagram
The Original Yoga Sak is an exercise mat carrier backpack that has a great support for your back and great paddings for your shoulders! You can carry your workout essentials without putting additional strains on your body! The Original Yoga Sak even comes with a built-in water bottle holder and a compartment in the rear to carry your yoga block, towel, shoes, ipod,  etc. The YOGA SAK is stylish, functional, durable and is well priced.
The Original Yoga Sak is now available in Australia with Free Standard Shipping. 
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